Surely you have a friend who has told you that they won a very large sum of money betting, however, when you try to play and put in one or two dollars, you always lose it at the first attempt.

Whether you fancy betting on horses, sports or in the Carnival Room, there are some tips you should follow. In this article, we are going to tell you what you should know about sports betting and we also want to answer the question that many people ask themselves – if you can earn a living from betting.

Is it possible to make a living from sports betting? 

The answer, of course, is yes, however, it has several nuances that you should know before you start betting money left and right. If you do it without thinking, the most likely thing is that you will suffer many losses. You might not even recover what you bet, but end up with debts, something that we certainly do not want to happen to you.

Earning a living with sports betting is something that requires a lot of practice and experience. Experts explain that you have to know the odds you have of winning and how much to bet at each moment.


One of the problems that you can have, and that you must control, is impulsivity. Impulses can make you lose your mind and the money you have. So, one of the best tips when betting on a sports competition, for example, soccer is that you concentrate and do not lose your nerve.

Facts – not emotion!

You must analyze everything and once you have seen the different possibilities, act on this analysis. It is possible, for example, that your lifelong team plays against a team that is on a good winning streak, but, you want to bet that your team will win, of course. This is done more from the heart than with the head, since if the opponent is on a winning streak, it is more likely they will win, no matter how much you want your team to beat them.

Tips for making a living from sports betting 

  • One of the recommendations regarding sports bets is that you start at all times from the bottom. Do not go crazy with the types of bets that exist such as combined and live, and go first with simpler options that you understand, no matter how much a friend tells you that they make one or another more complex bets.
  • If you have just started in this exciting world and want to earn extra money, it would be better to check how all the mechanics work in order to make sure what the result will be. This study and analysis will ensure that you have a greater advantage since you will know the game form and its tricks.
  • In the field of sports betting analysis, you find the so-called tipsters who are nothing more than professionals who make a living from sports betting. What these people do is analyze in detail all the movements of the teams, the state of the players, as well as knowing the results prior to the current game, both with other teams and in past seasons.
  • All the data points will result in probabilities that will make the result of a match almost certainly known. It should be noted that sometimes there is a minimum margin of error, but knowing all these data, the error is considerably reduced and therefore, you can bet with much more confidence.

It is important to know that in sports betting you can also lose and that not all the money you are going to bet will be returned in winnings. But, if you become a professional, by analyzing all of the data, or trusting the different bets made by tipsters, your success is assured.