Flying is one of the most thrilling activities that exist, but it is also among one of the most complex activities. There are so many things that a pilot has to keep in mind while flying, and it gets very difficult to keep of everything. For pilots having a wristwatch is essential and, more specifically, an air watch so that they can keep track of many different things without putting in many efforts.

Air Watches 

There are many brands like seiko prospex that have come with a range of air watches that are specially designed for pilots. The prospex range of Seiko has watches that only have professional features, so the porspex air has all the features that a pilot would require from a watch.

The Benefits Of An Air Watch

An air watch comes with all the features that a pilot would require.

  • Air watches have big dials with anti-reflective glasses so that the pilot can check the time or anything else in just one glance.
  • The numbers are very clear and are in Arabic numeral usually.
  • Different timezones are usually available in these watches because pilots travel to different countries, which means they travel into different time zones.

Having an air watch is not just a luxury but is also a must for pilots as apart from all the general features, it also has technical features that help with calculations in the air related to flying help pilots.