We often regard various practices as unethical, one of which is masturbation. Some schools consider the adult entertainment industry legal, but masturbation is considered unethical. One of the most important facts to note is that because a concept doesn’t work for you, don’t make it bad. There have been many assumptions and studies on the concept of masturbation. While others see it as a negative impact on society, others see it as a tool that could help remind our definition of sexuality.

Masturbation is a form of solo sex that can give orgasmic pleasure as penetrative sex. However, in this case, you get to pleasure yourself, unlike when you have your partner or partners during threesomes or orgies. The essential fact to note about masturbation is that it is not unethical. Although several individuals believe it is one of the main reasons, most young adults are addicted to porn because masturbation is addictive. While this is incorrect, it is worth noting that masturbation becomes addictive when you have zero control over your sexual desires. You can decide to masturbate and not get addicted, but you must consciously put in the effort.

If you enjoy consuming porn videos, then masturbating will not be far-fetched. When you watch porn videos without proper use for it at that moment, you tend to resolve to masturbation, and the more you masturbate, the higher your chances of getting addicted. So, the first step to ensuring you don’t get addicted to either masturbation or porn videos is having a genuine reason for consumption.

The reason why you should masturbate should be such that it can help you get better at sex in your relationship and not for fun. Although some individuals tend to do it for fun and others for relaxation, it is worth noting that all these reasons can make you addicted if not properly managed.

Why should I masturbate?

If you have heard people say masturbation is fun and healthy, know they are not wrong. Yes, masturbation is healthy and could be fun depending on what you are masturbating to or whom you are masturbating with. However, as fun and healthy as it could be, it could get out of hand quickly and become a problem. Here are, however, some reasons why you should masturbate.

·       To understand your sexual orientation:

If there’s any reason why you choose to masturbate, it should be a means to understand your sexuality. Some of your sex-related questions are half solved when you are sure of what you identify as.

·       To get better sexually:

One way to get better at sex is learning from porn videos, and as mentioned earlier, the more porn videos you consume, the more likely you are to masturbate.

Creator: Estradaanton | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto