This article lists different poker hands rankings from worst (high card) to best (royal flush). These hands don’t differ whether you play at a live casino or at an online 토토사이트.

As more than one person has the same hand ranking, the person with a higher card will get more money than those who have lower cards:

High Card (the ace is worth one point, and all others are ranked according to their numerical value; e.g., an eight of spades would be better than a king of hearts).

Pair- When two cards match in rank and suit (e.g., two kings or two queens), it’s called a “pair.”

One Pair- One of the most common hands is when all five cards are different but happen to be of the same rank – this happens most often than not, and people call it “one pair,” just because there can’t be any other name for it! For example, I’ve got four queens and seven spades on my hand, so that makes one pair of Queens.

Two Pairs- If you have made four matching pairs, then congratulations! It means that your hands could either beat at least three people on the table if they also had any pair out there, so go for the showdown for sure!

Flush- A flush happens when all five cards are in the same suit (e.g., three clubs and two hearts). So if I had a six of diamonds, four of spades, nine of clubs, ten of diamonds, and king of hearts in my hand – that would make it a flush.

Straight- A straight is when you have five consecutive ranks without gaps or pairs with different suits; for example, ace through to queen all in one suit.

Three-of-a-kind- Three kings at once! It’s called “three-of-a-kind” because there can’t be more than three identical copies on your hand – sorry, pal, but this time, we say no to an even split! You’ll receive either one-third or half the pot for a three-of-a-kind.

High Card/No Pair- Sometimes we’ll get lucky with no pairing at all (or occasionally unlucky) – if you’re holding these ranks without matching suits or numbers, then congrats, you won’t be getting any money for this hand at all.