The maximum and minimum bets in casinos can vary depending on the casino, although as a general rule they all keep the same principles regarding minimum bets.

In all casinos in the world, the minimum chips correspond to the monetary unit, so for example, $1 or €1. Casinos have tables with different levels of maximum bets.

Although many players would like to know what is the maximum to spend in an online casino TrueBlue players know that the short answer is –  it depends on each player, the game they play, and their budget.

Let’s take a closer look at one game …

Roulette: minimum and maximum spending limits

Simple bets

Roulette tables with the lowest stakes usually set the minimum bet at 5 currency units. When making bets in roulette, the minimum bet can never be separated if the bets are of the simple type; red or black, odd or even, and high or low.

If you want to make some type of bet with a 1:1 ratio (simple), at least the minimum bet must be made.

Inside bets

If you want to make any type of inside bet, you can distribute the amount of the minimum bet as you want and it is not necessary to put the total amount of the minimum bet on the same number.

For example, let’s imagine that the minimum bet is $5, it is possible to bet on five different numbers with a $1 chip on each one, or also to bet $2 on one number and $3 on another.

There are multiple combinations as long as the casino’s minimum bet rule is respected.

Maximum limits

Regarding the maximum betting limits, the maximum bet that many casinos allow is 500 times the minimum bet. You cannot place bets greater than that amount.

It may happen that certain casinos, after consulting with those responsible, allow sporadic bets for larger amounts of money, but this is not usually normal.

This upper limit affects strategies that many players use while playing roulette. And in other games too.

How can the betting limit affect the strategy players use?

There are several well-known methods which are touted to help win at roulette, such as the “Martingale”, “Gran Martingale” or “D’Alembert” methods. These methods were created to beat roulette through betting systems.

But, the fact that the upper betting limit is 500 monetary units means that they cannot be used satisfactorily. Why? Because most of them involve the need to double bets in case of losing, and, eventually, there comes a time when it is impossible to bet the amount necessary to follow the strategy. The upper betting limit does not allow it, and so the method loses its efficiency and needs to be abandoned.

Finally …

Casinos are obligated to show the bet limit, both maximum and minimum that is allowed for each of the games they offer.

In this way, players will have all the information they need available to decide on the strategy, if any, they want to try using while playing the game.

How much players spend will depend on how long they play and how deep their pockets are! But they always know how much the maximum bet for each game is.