Gas grills are fantastic option for outdoor cooing enthusiasts. They offer you –

  • The convenience of quick ignition
  • Precise temperature control
  • Clean burning experience

However, with plethora of options available, choosing the right gas grill is overwhelming. Here are some things to consider, while looking for the right gas grill.

Grilling style & frequency

  • Do you crave weekend BBQs with burgers and hotdogs?
  • Are you an aspiring pitmaster who delves into slow-smoking meats?

If you grill frequently or enjoy different cooking methods like baking, searing, roasting and grilling, then choose a versatile one with a good range of heat control. For more casual grilling needs, a simple and more compact gas grill is suitable.

Size & portability

Consider the space available on your balcony or patio and the number of people you typically look to cook for.

  • Large grill offers more cooking space, ideal for feeding a crowd but needs more space.
  • Compact grills are suitable for small spaces or balconies but their cooking space is limited for large gatherings.

If you enjoy taking your grill at the beach or lake front or tailgating the consider portability. Look for a grill with a portable design or has wheels.

Fuel Source

While this guide focuses on gas grills, it is worth mentioning to check out Kamado Joe Classic II on BBQs 2U. If you adore smoky flavour of charcoal or wood, Kamado Joe is the best grill with ceramic shell that retains heat exceptionally well.

Features to look for

  • Do you want a sear staton for that restaurant-like crust on your steaks?
  • Would a built-in rotisserie be a game changer for your chicken dinners?
  • Do you need a smoker box to add a touch of smoke to your food?
  • How many burners do you need?
  • Do you prefer a grill with cast-iron grates for superior heat retention or stainless steel grates for easier cleaning?
  • Would a built-in light be helpful for evening grilling get-togethers?

Some grills even come with integrated thermometers or smart connectivity for remote temperature monitoring.

Portable pizza ovens

For pizza lovers consider Delivita Diavolo. The pizza oven is compact and gas-powered. It reaches high temperature quickly and gives you a crispy crust within minutes. It is not technically a grill but offers a unique and delicious option for outdoor gatherings.

Gas grill types

The common types of gas grills are –

  • Open Cart grills offers more portability and affordability
  • Post grills provide a more sophisticated look and have more bells and whistles.
  • Built-in grills are permanent and give your outdoor kitchen a customized, sleek look but needs professional installation.

Which is the perfect gas grill?

Choosing an ideal gas grill narrows down to understanding your needs and preferences. In terms of budget, determine a comfortable amount before you start shopping.

High-end grills offer more features, functionalities and potentially better build quality. Mid-range grills can deliver excellent grilling experience. Consider a brand popular for its quality and customer services. A grill with a good warranty gives you peace of mind with a knowledge that you are covered in case of any manufacturing defects.

Remember, the best gas grill is the one that perfectly suits your grilling style and budget!