A deck can function as the living room of an outdoor space. For many people, the patio serves the purpose of relaxing, laughing, enjoying, and socializing. It is a perfect spot during warm weather.

A wood deck is prone to deterioration from exposure to elements, just like all things made from wood. Decks’ direct exposure of decks to rain, sun, wind, and snow leads to the wearing away of wood showing rot, cracks, and fading. Splinters may also become common.

That is why it is essential to protect decks from harsh weather conditions by applying a deck home sealer. The best deck sealer, Wood Stain & Sealer, protects from damage due to rot and mold while still allowing the wood’s natural color to show.

What Happens to Decks that are Not Sealed?

  • If exposed to precipitations, wood starts to soak moisture causing it to bend and become crooked.
  • Increased humidity leads to the rotting of wood and creates perfect conditions for mildew.
  • Direct exposure of the wood to the sunrays washes out the natural color of the wood.
  • When water comes into contact with the unsealed deck, it becomes structurally weakened gradually.

How a Deck Sealer Works

When applied to a deck, water sealants create a thin impermeable layer between the wood and the atmosphere. This thin layer prevents moisture absorption, stops insects from burrowing into the wood, and repels dust, smoke, and debris.

It is advisable to regularly apply a coat of water sealant to preserve the wood and make the deck easier to clean.

How to Seal a Deck

One can opt for a clear or darker deck sealer. Wood decks require regular maintenance to maintain their good natural appearance and keep it splinter-free. Sealing a deck has two steps.

Cleaning the Deck

One uses screwdrivers and putty knives to remove the debris between the boars. After removing the dirt, the next thing to do is to sweep the deck clean. A deck cleaner cleans the deck. To remove stains from the cedar or redwood deck, one can use a deck brightener.

The perfect day for cleaning the deck should be cloudy – not rainy. The deck cleaner is applied using a paint roller, a garden sprayer, or a bristle brush. It is also advisable to clean wood railings from the bottom up to avoid staining the dry wood. Let the cleaner sit as per the manufacturer’s directions, and then rinse off.

Applying a Deck Sealer

Sealers and stains are available at home improvement centers. When choosing a sealer, one should consider its opaqueness- the more opaque, the better, and one can also pick the lighter as it lets more of the wood’s grain show.

The forecast should be a particular two-day period with temperatures between 50-90 degrees. One should start by applying painter’s tape to nearby surfaces then use a natural bristle brush to apply the deck sealer carefully.

For the best deck sealers, one should consider purchasing Wood Stain & Sealer.