It all began as simple but highly popular video game in the eighties. Overnight several video game kiosks were coming up in cities around the world. With time the simple video games have morphed into a booming forty billion dollars’ industry. Better known as Dominoqq this is one example of how technology has brought a paradigm shift to the worldwide gaming industry.


The popularity of online games spans all age groups. The platforms like mobile phones have only helped in their proliferation. The inclusion of the element of betting, in the games was like adding oil to the already burgeoning flames. So dominoqq is simply a technology that is helping in the spread of one of the oldest past times in the world – gambling. However, its legality is a matter of debate.

Few governments have directly banned dominoqq. Most of the existing laws against gambling are bypassed by the platforms as they are technology related and are governed by IT laws. These laws more or less don’t interfere with the existing gaming apps. Furthermore, gambling was rephrased to lotto, raffle and sweepstake. Moreover, this helped in bringing in revenue.

Financial transactions

With the involvement of financial transactions, checks and balances assumed a lot of importance. The reputed gaming apps usually complete settlements through online transactions in banks. This helps because authorities nowadays can easily scrutinize banking transactions and even Swiss bank accounts are no longer secret. Hence the dominoqq is more or less on the side of the law.

Also this is important for the government. The increase in banking transactions can only add to the economy. The effects of Covid and lockdowns, on the industry have not been studied yet. But being restricted to their homes, it is expected that more and more people have been involved with dominoqq.