Unique and unusual design features are prioritised throughout the guest experience in designer hotels. Some designer hotel Perth stand out because of their unique and cool interior design, eco-friendly practices, high-quality hotel rooms, and excellent customer service. To improve the customer experience, a designer hotel Perth may offer a variety of amenities and services, such as luxurious large hotel rooms with mattresses and linens, state-of-the-art technology and entertainment systems, classy bathrooms, and good dining options. Numerous designer hotel Perth have sports facilities, spa services, and a swimming pool so that their guests can relax and unwind while they are there. 

With excellent service and personalised attention, guests at the designer hotel in Perth have a pleasant and unforgettable stay. Whether you want a unique hotel in the middle of the city or a quiet place to stay by the beach, Perth has a wide variety of stylish hotels for every taste and budget.

Here are some of the coolest and most unique design hotels in Perth:

  • Art Series

The Classification is a trendy, artistic, and Instagrammable hotel in the middle of Perth that is perfect for young people who like to party. The west-facing wall has one of the world’s largest and most impressive giant murals. The portraits of different cultures by street artist Matt Adnate inspired it.

The bright and soulful Adnate has 250 rooms that can be explored. The bed runners, which look like paintings, are a nice touch. Visitors may enjoy a view of the city from the comfort of their accommodations while also enjoying the most recent conveniences.

  • COMO The Treasury

An elegant, stylish, fashionable, and sustainable hotel featuring a complimentary daily-filled mini-bar and on-site spa. This beautiful hotel was built more than a century ago. It is where history and luxury meet in Perth. The hotel is in the building that used to be the Treasury, Lands and Titles offices, and the General Post Office. Many of the original tiles and other equipment have been kept, and guests can enjoy a lot of luxury. The hotel is in a great location in the heart of Perth, just a short walk from many of the city’s most famous sights. It also has 48 large rooms for guests to choose from. The indoor pool can be used by anyone who wants to swim laps, and there is also a gym and a sauna on site.

  • QT Perth

The QT Perth has a chic, spooky, and a little crazy design, a great location, and plenty of unique elements to keep visitors intrigued. The hotel’s design is reminiscent of a highly chic and well-kept bachelor home. The employees are entirely female and goofily referred to as directors of pandemonium. Every team member extends a cordial greeting to visitors while wearing all-black attire. Those who want the opportunity to experience the most fantastic city views should choose a room on one of the top floors on the south side. The black concept is carried through to the guest rooms, which are replete with black marble bathrooms.

  • Tribe Perth

A Tribe is so chic and contemporary that visitors will feel like they are walking inside the lines of a design magazine since every element, from the distinctive and very soft spray-painted velvet seats to the shiny black columns, is expertly accomplished. There are 126 guest rooms available, with the ones on the top levels that offer views of Kings Park being the finest choices. The cuisine is equally as modern as the rest of the hotel and puts a gourmet spin on the fast food motif. Each room is furnished with a variety of gadgets and gizmos.

  • Crown Towers 

One of Perth’s most opulent hotels, providing guests with a chic, refined, and Instagrammable stay. The breathtaking scenery and majestic chandeliers, each composed of three tonnes of ball chains, are evidence of the enormous expenditure made in this bold, extravagant hotel. The hotel’s heated outdoor lagoon pool boasts polished travertine floors, plush linens, and textured stone surfaces. Palm trees and cabanas border it.

  • Perth’s Hyatt Regency

The Hyatt name has a reputation for quality and tends to draw an older demographic clientele who want nothing less than the finest. It is one of the most established luxury hotels in Perth. The hotel, situated along the coast of the charming Swan River, has 367 guest rooms spread over nine stories. Each room is quite large, pleasant, and has a colour scheme of brown and gold intended to calm the senses while simultaneously delivering absolute perfection. The hotel specialises in providing facilities, and visitors may enjoy a large heated pool, a spa, and even a golf course.

  • Perth’s Vibe Hotel Subiaco

A chic, contemporary hotel is renowned for its warm Aussie friendliness. This brand-new hotel is characterized by its stunning architecture and verdant laneways and is just a short stroll from the activity of the city. It honours Perth’s rich culture, delectable cuisine, and fascinating past.

The area has top-notch bike trails and draws various people to its vibrant streets. It is in Subiaco, a suburb gateway to the city’s top attractions.

Perth is fashionable. The “City of Light” has lately seen a remarkable rise in popularity and is now in a competitive position with Australia’s other main tourist destinations, despite its significant remoteness. Yet rising traveller interest also brought forth rising demand, severe rivalry, and contemporary hospitality standards. Consequently, many travellers increasingly seek more specialised, private accommodation alternatives, like those offered by designer hotel Perth.